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Groundhog Day the Musical is a stage adaptation of the 1993 film Groundhog Day. It follows Phil Connors, a narcissistic asshole weatherman who is sent to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to report on the Groundhog Day Ceremony. He treats everybody horribly, believing the silly holiday is beneath him. However, to his surprise he wakes up the next morning to discover it is Groundhog Day... again! Phil becomes stuck in a time loop where every day is February 2nd, and as he goes from denial to exploitation to nihilism to depression to acceptance, Phil realizes that it is his actions and worldview that change the lives of the people around him and create hope for a better tomorrow.

Groundhog Day explores themes of what it means to be "stuck" and how everybody has the opportunity to make the most of their life and change for the better. It also emphasizes hope for a better future, and how even if now there are six more weeks of winder... there will be sun.

The shining star of Groundhog Day is truly the music. Composed by Tim Minchin, who also wrote the Matilda musical, the score is gorgeous and contains so many repeating motifs to encapsulate the time loop theme while imbuing recurring melodies with new meaning as the story unfolds. It truly is a work of genius and I'm not exaggerating (tbh I think it's better than Matilda and deserves just as much recognition if not more, but that's just my opinion).


Phil Connors

The protagonist, Phil is an arrogant weatherman trapped in a time loop. He's gotta change his ways and alter the events of February 2nd for the better if he ever wants to be freed.

Rita Hanson

Phil's rookie producer, Rita is a down to earth woman who seems to be immune to Phil's charms. She holds high standards when it comes to love, and even though Phil treats her terribly she always keeps kindness in her heart.

The people of Punxsutawney

While all the people Phil encounters seem superficial at first, of course everyone is more than they seem. Maybe Phil isn't the only one who's "stuck".

Ned Ryerson

Phil's obnoxious former highschool classmate, Ned is now a health insurance salesman. However, there is more to him than meets the eye. Like he always says: "death will come to everyone!"

Gus and Ralph

Two locals Phil encounters at the bar. Although they aren't literally trapped in a time loop, they feel stuck in an endless cycle of alcolism where every day is the same.

Fred and Debbie

A couple who are fans of Phil's TV show and have been together for 4 years. Fred is too afraid to propose to Debbie, leaving their relationship in a rut.

Nancy Taylor

A woman who Phil uses the time loop to take advantage of, Nancy appears to be a perfect girl with no troubles but in actuality laments how her appearance leads men to use her.

In conclusion...

Groundhog Day is one of my favorite musicals ever. It is funny, emotional, and just really really smartly made. It's sooooo good and I am trying to convert as many people to my cause as possible. Broadway may have hated it but they're stupid losers anyway. I hope you enjoyed and maybe are interested in checking this show out!

Thanks for reading and goooooo chucks!!

tomorrow... there will be sun