song of the week

week 27        10/2/23

Maahi Ve - Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

THIS SONG IS IN THE PLAY IM WORKING ON RN AND ITS STUCK IN MY HEAD ALL THE TIME!!! we are opening this friday and im excited so now you get to enjoy this song too

week 26        9/26/23

For Iago - S.J. Tucker

i was saving sj tucker for when my fairyland shrine was ready but life has been kicking me in the balls and also this is my emotional support album so you get it early <3.

week 25        9/18/23

Satellite - The Night Flight Orchestra

I AM CURRENTLY ADDICTED TO NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA. literallllyyyyy this is all ive been listening to. this song is my IDENTITY i AM glitterpunk gendersplat glamrock

week 24        9/11/23

My Darling Dopamine - Days N Daze

cGRAAAAAUUGHH!!!!!! they werent lying that dopamine can darling

week 23        9/4/23

Die Anywhere Else - Night in the Woods OST

a break from the usual type of music for one of the best video game songs ever (no i don't take constructive criticism). literally rewrote my brain chemistry as a teen. shoutout alex holowka.

week 22        8/28/23

Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears

currently addicted to my friend's a-capella group's performance of this song

week 21        8/21/23

Bloody Mary, Kate and Ashley - PUP

shoutout to for hosting this song on their site and introducting me to this banger (the title is missing the oxford comma though....)

week 20        8/14/23

A Cruel Angel's Thesis - Yoko Takahashi

yeah i've been listening to this on loop. what about it.

week 19        8/7/23

Somebody To Love - Queen

this week on "songs that make ollie go insane in the membrane"

week 18        7/31/23

Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

ok i know this song is mcr's most popular and its probably a little overrated but. guys. the dopamine hit this song gives me. it singlehandedly got me through this week.

week 17        7/24/23

Electric Feel - MGMT

ooh girl (this song FUCKS!!!!)

week 16        7/14/23

Devils in the Canyon - The Strike

this song is like a ya novel to me.

week 15        7/10/23

Vampire Money - My Chemical Romance

i'm back on my mcr shit. fuck twilight 🖕

week 14        7/3/23

If I Had My Time Again - Groundhog Day the Musical

in honor of my new groundhog day shrine going up!!! check it out!!!

week 13        6/26/23

Dirty Work - Steely Dan

can you tell that i get my music taste from my dad, part 3.

week 12        6/19/23

I2I - Tevin Campbell

goofy movie supremacy.

week 11        6/12/23

Layla - Derek & the Dominos

7 minutes of straight jamming. can you tell i get my music taste from my dad, part 2.

week 10        6/5/23

Big Gay Hands - Partner

happy pride month! i wish someone would put their big gay hands on my body.

week 9        5/29/23

Good Enough - Molly Tuttle

a break from your regularly scheduled content for a bluegrass folksy song this week, a little-known ollie genre favorite. molly tuttle is good.

week 8        5/22/23

Wet - Dazey and the Scouts

do i even need to say anything.

week 7        5/15/23

Adeline - Fever Dolls

fever dolls are def underrated and you should totally check them out. this song is a banger.

week 6        5/8/23

Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) - Meat Loaf

i'm about to really expose myself here and admit that i am a weirdly big meat loaf fan. expect to see a lot more of his songs on this page. what can i say, his songs shred.

week 5        5/1/23

Dancing in the Moonlight - King Harvest

easily one of the best songs of all time. it always hits. always.

week 4        4/24/23

Dead! - My Chemical Romance

i'm currently in my mcr era. i missed out on getting to be full-blown emo growing up so now i need to make up for it as much as possible.

week 3        4/17/23

25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago

can you tell that i get my music taste from my dad. anyway the guitar solo in this song shreds and i've been listening to it on a loop all weekend.

week 2        4/10/23

Hollywood - Jukebox the Ghost

how could i do a song of the week segment without including my favorite song of all time. its soo goood.

week 1        4/3/23

Say It (To My Face) - Meet Me @ the Altar

MM@TA is my new favorite band!! Say It (To My Face) is my fav, obsessed w/ it. They performed back at my home but I couldn't go because I'm out of the country right now :(