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update log...

May 30, 2023: made a BLOG!! now time to make entries lol

May 29, 2023: made a site map! my room is also launched, tho still empty.

May 27, 2023: new art layout... again. this page is giving me hell, i hate the way it looks constantly X(

May 25, 2023: about section got a sexy sexy facelift (will be adding more gradually)

May 23, 2023: new poems in the poetry page!

May 22, 2023: new song of the week is up!

May 21, 2023: new art layout (again). i'm so indecisive and still not loving it, i'm still looking for a background lmao

May 17, 2023: new art layout! i will spice it up gradually

May 16, 2023: about me section is FINALLY up!!! it's a work in progress but pretty sexy so far. scroll down to see it >:3

May 15, 2023: new song of the week is up! i'm finally back from the longest travel vacation ever so i'll start working on the site again this week!!

May 8, 2023: new song of the week is up! i'm still extremely unavailable to work on the site until next week, but i've got plans so get excited!

April 30, 2023: new song of the week is up (a little early bc i'm busy all day tomorrow)

April 25, 2023: shrine page has been created. there is only one shrine so far lol but it will get fuller.

April 24, 2023: new song of the week is up! also first shrine is up, since i am yet to make the shrine homepage or the site map you'll have to find the super secret button to see it hehehehe

April 20, 2023: diary is updated w/ iframes! working on the layout to make it shinier.

April 18, 2023: fashion page is updated with a new layout! i will do some fine tuning on it gradually.

April 17, 2023: new song of the week is up! Sorry for no updates, schoolwork has been a lot lately. Currently working on assets for the about page so that will be ready soon fingers crossed.

April 10, 2023: new song of the week is up! Currently swamped with schoolwork so it may be a few days until the next update.

April 8, 2023: added the art gallery! it's format is a big WIP, i havent made up my mind about how i want it to look. to do: about page (STILL), but I have a plan(ish) for it now.

April 4, 2023: styled the blog and song of the week pages!!! to do: about me (still UGH), art gallery, and maybe i'll start thinking about shrines soon too. i also need to touch up the home page, i can't make up my mind about the background.

April 2, 2023: made a poetry page just for fun. to do: about me page and song of the week section :D

March 31, 2023: lost my mind last night and restyled the entire thing. this layout is pretty rad if I do say so myself, and I'm really getting the hang of html, I was able to solve all my coding problems on my own! now I need to work on buffing out my profile content and maybe actually include some info about me lmao.

March 30, 2023: guestbook is up! working on making it pretty but it exists now!!!.

March 29, 2023: blog is live! working on assets right now.

March 27, 2023: made an outline of my design plans and began styling! I plan on adding graffiti to the background that will be ever evolving, I'm so exited! No subpages yet but I have plans for my about page, blog, and some other fun stuff >:) I also added some random bullshit I found funny because it's my site and that's what it's for. I'm really hyped about my plans, this is all so fun!!

March 18, 2023: the site is live! It's also ugly as hell, but we have to start somewhere, don't we? Current focuses are cleaning up CSS and actually deciding what kind of layout I'm going for here. Stay tuned for the rest of my Neocities journey ♡

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welcome to my website! this site was made using a 1440x900 display and is NOT made for mobile.

my name is ollie! this is my humble abode where I like to keep my creations. feel free to click around and stick around, this website is just a newborn baby right now but its development is never-ending!

navigate around this site by clicking on buttons and seeing what they do!! or, if that's too much work, you can just take a map.

song of the week

week 9: 5/29/23

Good Enough - Molly Tuttle

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*:・゚✧ to do ✧・゚:*

  • about me page
  • site map
  • proper blog
  • fix art layout
  • my room pages:
    • bookshelf/reading log
    • games page
    • music page
    • & more!
  • oc page
  • shrines
    • emily the strange
    • fairyland book series
    • groundhog day the musical
    • ...jonathan swift?!
  • a choose your own adventure game?????
  • dream journal - most ambitious idea/goal so might take a while


  • color: pink
  • animal: sheep
  • season: autumn
  • food: sushi
  • fruit: apple
  • drink: mango green tea
  • flower: wisteria
  • plant: clover
  • smell: the garden after it rained
  • game: night in the woods
  • book: the girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making
  • play: pippin
  • song: hollywood - jukebox the ghost

about ME!!

howdy!! my name is ollie and i am the webmaster of this sexy sexy website!

  • 22 years old
  • they/them
  • from the usa
  • university senior studying english and technical theatre
  • art hobbyist, forever working on but never publishing a webcomic (but maybe soon?????)


  • the ocean
  • my kitty
  • musicals (theater kid alert)
  • stuffy novels from the 18th century
  • coding the world's most horrendous html


  • proshippers, terfs, and similar nasties
  • cheese
  • hot weather
  • crowds


The current mood of olliveen at