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welcome to my website! this site was made using a 1440x900 display with Firefox and is NOT made for mobile.

my name is ollie! this is my humble abode where I like to keep my creations. welcome welcome welcome, i am so happy you're here!!!

navigate around this site by clicking on buttons and seeing what they do!! or, if that's too much work, you can just click START. and while you're here, please sign the guestbook over to your right.

latest artwork: 1/20

January 20, 2024. my oc tulip who i am in love with

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  • upgrade art layout
  • add to fashion page
  • my room pages:
    • bookshelf/reading log
    • animal crossing new horizons tour
  • upgrade sotw into full music page
  • oc page
  • shrines
    • upgrade/add to groundhog day
    • emily the strange
    • fairyland book series
    • locked tomb series
  • resources pages & graphics hoard
Song Of The Week
SOTW: Current + Greatest Hits


  • color: pink
  • animal: sheep
  • season: autumn
  • food: sushi
  • fruit: apple
  • drink: mango green tea
  • flower: wisteria
  • plant: clover
  • smell: the garden after it rained
  • game: night in the woods
  • book: the girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making
  • play: pippin
  • song: hollywood - jukebox the ghost

about ME!!

howdy!! my name is ollie and i am the webmaster of this sexy sexy website!

  • 23 years old
  • they/them
  • from the usa
  • professional theater kid (techie edition)
  • art hobbyist, forever working on but never publishing a webcomic (but maybe soon?????)
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  • proshippers, terfs, and similar nasties
  • cheese
  • hot weather
  • crowds
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